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Charlottesville Inside-Out Season 6 Update

We are currently filming our sixth season of Charlottesville Inside-Out (CVIO), and we have a super line-up for you! Upcoming guests and topics include Dave Matthews Band member Boyd Tinsley talking about his new role as a filmmaker and Bake ‘mmm Bagels entrepreneurs Janet Dob and Cynthia Viejo sharing their secret recipe for tasty, organic and – I kid you not -- healthy bagels.

Have We Got a Show for You!

The Charlottesville music scene is exploding! I say this with authority as I’ve been enjoying great entertainment in this town for years. I go back to the days when you could hear the Kokomotions – a then popular regional group – for a set on a Saturday night at the C & O, and - before it was time to go home – still manage to hop over to the legendary Mine Shaft to dance to the New Orleans based Neville Brothers band.

Batesville is Back in Business!

Last June, the beloved Batesville Store closed its doors. While there are mixed recountings as to why the establishment shut down, very few would disagree about the emotional vacancy caused by its closing. Quite frankly, it was like a death in the family. The country store had been a mainstay in the community for almost a century as Page’s Store, owned and operated by the Page family. In 1996, retired couple Dick and Rita Sokowokia took over running the business for five years offering sandwiches, conversation and convenience items.

Happy Birthday, Charlottesville!

This year marks the 250th birthday of Charlottesville. Now that’s a pretty big deal and something definitely worth celebrating, so a steering committee comprised of city council members, city representatives and involved citizens organized Celebrate! 250 Charlottesville -- a calendar of exciting events taking place over the next six months to mark this special year and to honor the history of our fair city. 

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Someone once asked me whom I admire most, and I didn’t even have to think about it. Hands-down -- it’s my mother. She has the most wonderful energy. It’s like a light that draws you in, and when you're with her, you feel as if you can do anything. I suppose this is because – watching her as a child – it seemed she could do anything. For starters, she gave birth to four children in five years and was on her own with us more often than not because our father’s job as a National Geographic photographer took him away for months at a time.


I have always been drawn to heroes – to people who show great courage and set an example for the rest of us; leaders who remind us that we, too, can be brave. My brother, Scott, was just that kind of person.

CVIO Season 6 – That’s No Bull

I’m thinking about riding a rodeo bull for Season 6 of Charlottesville Inside-Out. For previous shows, I arm wrestled for charity, played polo, and skated with the Charlottesville Derby Dames -- so why not sit on a bull? Word has it the bull in mind has retired and no longer struts (or kicks) his stuff around the arena.

Knowing When to Come Home

My friend Laura Thompson has been asking me to do a benefit performance for The Arts Center in Orange (TACO) for years now. She serves as the Executive Director for the organization, and until a few weeks ago, for various reasons, we just couldn’t seem to get our timing down. It certainly wasn’t because I didn’t want to support their efforts. TACO works very hard to bring fine arts and music to children and members of the community who don’t always have the opportunity to experience the arts.

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