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Charlottesville Inside-Out: November Programs

Charlottesville Inside-Out

Each episode of Charlottesville Inside-Out features two in-depth conversations that are hosted by Terri Allard, a native daughter of the region. Terri chats with area artists, authors, musicians, business leaders, government officials, educators, athletes and coaches, non-profit directors, regular folks, and community event organizers to highlight what's innovative, unique and wonderful about the C'ville area.

November 6: Ash Lawn Opera / Mi Ossa
Touch base with the General Director of one of the finest small opera companies in the United States; then visit two area women who began a business based on their passion for art, creativity and a desire to help the people of Haiti. (#705)

November 13: Charlottesville Retreads / Young Writers Workshop
Play ball with a fast moving senior league softball team; then sit in on a summer workshop designed to give teenagers the opportunity to live and work as writers for weeks at a time. (#706)

November 20: Renee Balfour& Art with a Mission / Month 10 Postpartum Doulas
Talk with a painter dedicated to providing opportunities and support, through the arts, to children in need; then visit a group of postpartum doulas to learn about the importance of “mothering the mother.” (#707)

November 27: Albemarle Housing Improvement Program / Charlottesville Jazz Society
Catch up with a non-profit organization working hard to ensure that families in our community have safe homes; then sit down with the founders of a local group dedicated to promoting and preserving jazz. (#708)

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