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Charlottesville Inside-Out features two in-depth conversations that are hosted by Terri Allard, a native daughter of the region. Terri chats with area artists, authors, musicians, business leaders, government officials, educators, athletes and coaches, non-profit directors, regular folks, and community event organizers to highlight what's innovative, unique and wonderful about the C'ville area.

Upcoming Programs:
CVIO #505 (airing July 31)
Find out what you can do with a hammer and a good heart through the Building Goodness Foundation; then catch up with renowned National Geographic photographer, writer, and Terri’s dad, William Albert Allard.

CVIO #613 (airing August 7)
Get to know one of Charlottesville’s most talented musicians and find out what happens when you combine ladies arm wrestling with theatrics and fundraising. Featuring: Bobby Read and CLAW. Watch Now

CVIO #614 (airing August 21)
Roll up your knapsack for a visit to Camp Holiday Trails, serving children with special medical needs; then join a rehearsal with local rock legends Bob Girard and Charlie Pastorfield.

CVIO #601 (airing August 28)
Visit a leading nonpartisan public policy institution that serves as a national meeting place for citizens, scholars, students and government officials; then jam with a renowned drummer, band leader, educator and composer. Featuring: Governor Gerald L. Baliles, Director and CEO of the Miller Center through 2014; Robert Jospé. Watch Now

Recently Aired:
CVIO #709
Learn about the history of an Albemarle County property that has been a part of our community -- through good times and bad -- for over 100 years; then talk shop with an Orange County native who is passionate about architectural salvage. Featuring: “The Story Keswick Hall” Author Patricia Castelli and Salvagewrights. Watch Now

CVIO #710
Learn about the wide variety of programs and services offered by our local Cooperative Extension; then stop by and visit a Center that has been providing people ages 50 and better with exciting activities for over five decades. Featuring: Albemarle County-Charlottesville Virginia Cooperative Extension and The Senior Center Watch Now

CVIO #711
Head over to Nelson County to catch up with brewmasters who gather from over 30 regional breweries to talk about beer; then strum a few chords with a small company that builds one-of-a- kind hand-crafted guitars for local and world famous musicians. Terri checks in with the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest and Rockbridge Guitars. Watch Now

CVIO #712
Check out a festival that’s been taking place in our community for over a quarter of a century involving sheep and dogs; then sit in with a renowned musician and Chapman Stick master. Terri visits the Fall Fiber Festival and Montpelier Sheep Dog Trials and talks with Greg Howard. Watch Now

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