CVIO Season 6 – That’s No Bull

I’m thinking about riding a rodeo bull for Season 6 of Charlottesville Inside-Out. For previous shows, I arm wrestled for charity, played polo, and skated with the Charlottesville Derby Dames -- so why not sit on a bull? Word has it the bull in mind has retired and no longer struts (or kicks) his stuff around the arena. Yeah, they tell me he’s pretty laid back these days -- just hangs out in the middle of a field eating grass. You can even walk up and pet him. That being said, he weighs 3,000 pounds. So, I’m still thinking about it…

What made me consider straddling a rodeo bull in the first place, you’re wondering? We’re covering Oakland Heights Farm for CVIO this season. The Lamb family has maintained this 100-acre property just outside of Gordonsville since the early ‘70’s. They offer trail riding to tourists, jumper/hunter horseback riding lessons to the community, and host bull-riding rodeos and horse shows. They also raise beef cattle and buy and sell horses. We spent a day at their farm recently riding on the trails, and we’re going back again soon to shoot a rodeo. While I can’t tell you yet if I’ll actually get on the back of a burly bovine (you’ll just have to catch CVIO Season 6 to find out), I can tell you that, during my visit to the farm, I rode a horse named Joy that used to belong to Bruce Springsteen and his wife, Patti. And that’s no bull.

CVIO Season 6 won’t be all horsing around. I’ll be covering a wide variety of topics. To name a few, I’ll visit Les Yeux du Monde art gallery and go behind the scenes with Dave Matthews Band tour director Geoff Trump. I’ll hike in the Shenandoah National Park; learn how to make bagels; discuss political history and policy making; visit one of the areas “greenest” wineries and sample an award-winning wine made with chocolate. Then I'll catch up with a few local musicians and go boating and skiing with athletes and volunteers from Wintergreen Adaptive Sports -- a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through outdoor sports. Who knows -- I might even join a group of ping pong enthusiasts who have been competing every Tuesday night for over 30 years.

Hard to say what I’ll do after that… A friend wants me to jump out of a plane. I’m thinking I’ll save that one for CVIO Season 10… We’ll see. Keep an eye on CVIO’s Facebook page for updates. And if you like us -- “Like” us!

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